‘Abecedarian on Tension’, Stilts Journal
Agave americana (A Decaying Sestina)’, Red Room Company
‘Call me Rose Dorothea. I prefer the word / for the thing to the thing itself.’, Plumwood Mountain
‘C (note)’, Rabbit: a journal for nonfiction poetry
‘Curtal Sonnet’, ‘From Nonets’, ‘sad’, Overland Journal
‘Duplex’ (HIV Used to Be a Death Sentence), Poetry Wales
‘Duplex’ (Rhythm’s afoot. My fingers step to earth), Cordite Poetry Review
‘DVO’, ‘from Binary Tree Poems’, ‘Ghazal for Tina’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Luna, Taxus baccata’, ‘The Being’, unfurl
‘Double Acrostic’, Cordite Poetry Review
‘Ebon Cans’, Meanjin
from Binary Tree Poems’, Westerly Magazine
‘From the Morning’, Australian Poetry Journal
‘Hamlet without the Prince’, The Anthology of Australian Prose Poetry
I really hope you’re doing okay ’, Rabbit: a journal for nonfiction poetry
‘in the dark (wish)’, ‘The earth’, POETRY (Chicago)
‘Migraine’, Verity La
Moby Dick; or, The White Whale: a pentina’, Mollyhouse
‘Moon speaks during Pasur’, ‘Persian Love Cake’, Southerly Journal
‘Off-world Ghazal’, Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2020
‘Old Habits Die Hard’, Scars: An Anthology of Microlit
‘Rockhampton (a sestina):’, The Suburban Review
‘Sestina after B. Carlisle’, Island Magazine
‘Sestina: Rape’, The Moth
‘Sonnet 29’, Island Magazine
‘The Burnt-out Bougainvillea’, Plumwood Mountain
‘The Mixtape’, The Lifted Brow
‘The morning fog (A Golden Shovel after Kate Bush)’, Griffith Review
‘Triolet: Cerberus and Eros’, ‘Death’s Triolet’, The Night Heron Barks

‘Sonnets and Para-Sonnets’: Stephen Guy-Bray on Glasshouses and Lyn Hejinian’s The Unfollowing

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