Two new poems in foam:e

Chuffed to have a couple of poems in foam:e 13, co-edited by Angela Gardner & Jonathan Hadwen (thanks, both).

‘colour wheel’ (a moon poem) & ‘Bursaria spinosa’ (another moon poem, from my Cyclone Songs sequence) will also appear in my debut poetry collection The Staysails (UQP, August 2016).

This issue also includes includes poems by Chloë Callistemon, PT Davidson, Brett Dionysius, Kaya Ra Edwards, Alison Flett, Stu Hatton, Greg Horne, Rose Hunter, Thepoet Jackson, Anna Jacobson, Carmen Leigh Keates (incoming co-editor — congrats!), Jo Langdon, Rosanna Licari, Allan Peterson, Daniel Pilkington, Pam Schindler, Paul Scully, Ian C Smith, Melinda Louise Smith (an interview, too), Thomas J. Snarsky, Shane Strange & Heather Taylor Johnson … as well as reviews by Angela Gardner (Rose Hunter’s descansos), Jonathan Hadwen (Inkerman & Blunt’s Prayers of a Secular World) & Robert Wood (Peter Rose’s The Subject of Feeling).


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