New poem in The Lifted Brow 29

The Lifted Brow 29 is out now and includes my poem ‘The Mixtape’, which will also appear in my debut collection Glasshouses (UQP, August 2016). Huge thanks to Poetry Editor Zoe Dzunko and Team TLB!

The mixtape — Portishead’s ‘Roads’, Suede’s ‘The 2 of Us’, Pulp’s ‘Disco 2000’, etc — was given to me 21 years ago by the first guy I dated. The poem was written after unearthing the slightly scuffed but still-playable TDK D90.

This issue also includes words by Gillian Terzis, Paul Dalla Rosa, Amy Gray, Lou Heinrich, Dion Kagan, Khalid Warsame and Wendy Xu.

You can buy the issue/subscribe here.

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