Glasshouses’ first review

The first review of Glasshouses is out and I am over the moon.

I’m very grateful to poet Alexis Lateef for her thoughtful, generous, gorgeously-written piece, and to Cordite Poetry Review’s Kent MacCarter for everything he does for poetry.

From Alexis’ review:

‘Barnes’s first collection of poetry, Glasshouses, is the culmination of years of carefully honed impressions, reflections and commentary. It is a kaleidoscopic portrait of the artist, covering a yearning childhood, the development of a writer self, the difficulty of coming out, the paradoxes of mental health, and the solace of bird-watching. Additionally, it is a multi-faceted mirror of the world he inhabits, of the moments gathered throughout Tasmania, Melbourne and Queensland, and the dusty inner roads of the roving poet. Barnes does not stand still, and neither do the poems in this collection, whose vividness seems to leap from the pages.’


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