New poem and review of Glasshouses in StylusLit

My poem ‘Aerial’, a terminal from Sylvia Plath’s ‘Ariel’ (you can read more about the terminal, a poetic form created by John Tranter, here), has been published in StylusLit, edited by Rosanna Licari. The issue also includes Alison Clifton’s review of Glasshouses:

‘Barnes is a master of the recurring image … snakes, birds, eyes, the moon, glasshouses, and medication all resurface at different moments. … Images jump from the page like a rockstar leaping from the stage into the seething mosh pit below … Barnes’s lines at once seethe with the fire of passion and glow with the warmth of compassion. This is powerful poetry.’

Also in this issue are poems by Zenobia Frost, Stu Hatton and Jo Langdon, and reviews of Félix Calvino’s So Much Smoke, Carmen Leigh Keates’ Meteorites and Ellen van Neerven’s Comfort Food.

Thanks to Rosanna and Alison.


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