Cordite 88: TRANSQUEER

I’m delighted to be guest co-editing Cordite 88: TRANSQUEER with Quinn Eades.

TRANSQUEER is a call for you to say something that maybe you haven’t been able to say before. It asks you to find poetry in / between lines, binaries and stultifying categorisations; from the life of flesh, from inside the bleating, many-chambered heart of gender and sexuality. We want transgressive poems, transonic poems, transmontane poems. We think of a few lines from Sylvia Plath, ‘Balloons’ – ‘Yellow cathead, blue fish— / Such queer moons we live with / Instead of dead furniture!’ – and of their elegant translucence. Come into being. Send us your gasps, your yells, your manifestos, your moments in the mirror – say something. Send us your work, and ask us to believe it, weeping. The time for TRANSQUEER poetry is here.

Submissions close 11.59pm Melbourne time on Sunday, 5 August.

Full guidelines here.

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