New poems in APJ 8.2: Spoken & Rabbit 26: Belonging

Happy to have new poems in Australian Poetry Journal 8.2: Spoken (guest eds David Stavanger and Andrew Galan, with the Big Bent section edited by Toby Fitch), alongside Broede Carmody, Tricia Dearborn, Zenobia Frost, Kate Lilley and Alison Whittaker, and in Rabbit: Belonging (guest ed. Eileen Chong), alongside Adam Aitken, Andy Jackson, Chris Lynch, Maria Takolander and Prithvi Varatharajan. Thanks to the editors.

My ‘Sex & drugs & goth rock & synth pop & new-wave & funk/soul ghazal’ appears in APJ: Spoken, available here, and my pantoum ‘A Night Like This’, after The Cure song of the same name, appears in Rabbit: Belonging, available here.

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