New poem in Transnational Literature

Happy New Year!

Happy to have a new poem, ‘Petrarchan Sonnet’ (the third in my Russia/The Cure sequence, from my second manuscript, Form & Function), in the current issue of Transnational Literature. Thanks to poetry editor Alison Flett, co-publisher (with Jill Jones) of the brilliant Little Windows Press, outgoing general editor Gillian Dooley and acting general editor Alice Healy Ingram.

Feature poet is Castlemaine-based writer Andy Jackson. There’s a wonderful Syrian Poetry Feature, and other poems from J V Birch, Stuart Cooke, Steve Evans, Michael Farrell, Rachael Guy, Cary Hamlyn, Rose Hunter, Cath Kenneally, Janet Lees, Bella Li, Pooja Nansi, Nathanael O’Reilly, Juan Garrido Salgado and Dominic Symes.

You can read the full issue here.

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