New poem in Australian Poetry Journal 9.2 ‘DIS—’

My poem ‘From The Morning’, about life after rape and some of the songs, poems, novels and landscapes that make it a mostly good one, appears in APJ 9.2 ‘DIS—’, guest-edited by Jennifer Harrison and Andy Jackson.

Dis–,’ writes Jackson in his foreword, ‘is the prefix that is pre-fix, before a broken situation or body is repaired. These poems capture and convey the tension and potency of such unresolved states.’

This issue also includes poetry by J V Birch, David Brooks, Quinn Eades, Gavin Yuan Gao, Anna Jacobson, Heather Taylor Johnson, Elif Sezen, Emily Sun, Saba Vasefi, Samuel Wagan Watson and Rae White.

If you’re an Australian Poetry subscriber you get a copy of ‘DIS—’ sent to you, or you can buy a copy here.

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