New poem in Plumwood Mountain

‘How does knowledge intersect with intuition, sensation and emotion to shape writings about plants?’ asks guest editor John Charles Ryan in his Editorial to Plumwood Mountain’s Plant Poetics issue. ‘How might poetry trouble the dominant perceptions of flora as beautiful objects, pleasing scenery or exploitable resources? How can we learn to approach the biosphere from an emplanted perspective—one recognising plant wisdom—rather than consigning the botanical to the background?’

Pleased to have a poem, ‘Call me Rose Dorothea. I prefer the word / for the thing to the thing itself.’, in this issue alongside beauties by Magdalena Ball, Michelle Cahill, Stuart Cooke, Jane Gibian, Tim Heffernan, John Kinsella, Vanessa Page, Anita Patel, Tracy Ryan, Brenda Saunders and Ben Walter et al. Thanks to John and Managing Editor Anne Elvey.

You can read the full issue here.

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