Readings for Queensland Poetry Festival and Newcastle Writers Festival

Queensland Poetry Festival’s administering a new series of readings called Panacea Poets, which appears twice-weekly at their YouTube channel. You can watch my reading of four poems — a Sugarcubes-sampling pantoum, a Martin Harrison cento, a Nigel Featherstone remix and a sonnet about ‘adapting proverbs’ (Stephen Guy-Bray) — here.

Twenty-five of the forty authors published in Scars: An anthology of microlit (edited by Cassandra Atherton and published by Spineless Wonders) recorded readings for Newcastle Writers Festival’s joanne burns Microlit Award event. You can watch the readings here and buy a copy of the anthology here.

Thanks to all at QPF and NWF, especially Zenobia Frost, Bronwyn Mehan and Cassandra Atherton.


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