Island Magazine launches new website

Island Magazine recently launched a fab new website. I’m delighted my poem ‘Sonnet 29’, for dear Sandy Mitchell, is a part of the relaunch, alongside wonderful poems by Felicity Plunkett, Jill Jones, Cassandra Atherton, Jo Langdon, Ellen van Neerven, Suneeta Peres da Costa, Anne Kellas, Pete Hay, Sarah Day, Eileen Chong, Toby Fitch, Gavin Yates, A Frances Johnson, Yaaran Ellis, Chloe Wilson, Judith Beveridge, Graham Akhurst, Damen O’Brien, Jake Goetz, Belinda Rule, Ouyang Yu and Stephen Edgar + fiction, nonfiction and arts features.

You can read ‘Sonnet 29’ here and explore Island’s new website here.

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