APJ 11.1 ‘local, attention’ out now

Loved guest-editing Australian Poetry Journal 11.1 ‘local, attention’ with the wonderful Claire Gaskin (whose latest collection, Ismene’s Survivable Resistance, is also out now, through Puncher & Wattmann).

This issue of APJ includes poems by Merlinda Bobis, Lachlan Brown, Gavin Yuan Gao, Keri Glastonbury, Charmaine Papertalk Green, Kristin Hannaford, Dominique Hecq, Matt Hetherington, Jill Jones, Felicity Plunkett, Beth Spencer, Prithvi Varatharajan, Dženana Vucic, Rae White and Jessica L. Wilkinson etc.

You can read the full Contents and our Foreword here and order your copy here.

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