Three new anthologies

Happy to have poems in three new anthologies. 

‘travel ban’, shortlisted for the Newcastle Writers Festival joanne burns Microlit Award, has been published in Travel: An Anthology of Microlit (ed. Cassandra Atherton) alongside writing by Emma Ashmere, Seetha Nambiar Dodd, Anne Elvey, Dominique Hecq, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Bahar Razaghi, Beth Spencer et al. You can order your copy of Travel here.

‘Off-world Ghazal’ has been published in Australian Poetry Anthology Volume 9, 2021–2022 (eds Lucy Dougan, Michelle Cahill), alongside poems by Magdalena Ball, Jarad Bruinstroop, Derek Chan, Rico Craig, Angela Gardner, Claire Gaskin, Stu Hatton, Harold Legaspi, Jill Jones, Kaya Ortiz, Heather Taylor-Johnson et al. 

‘Off-world Ghazal’, ‘The morning fog’ (A Golden Shovel after Kate Bush), ‘Hamlet without the Prince’ and ‘The Being’ have been published in The Language in My Tongue: An Anthology of Australian and New Zealand Poetry (eds Cassandra Atherton, Paul Hetherington) alongside poems by Jordie Albiston, Merlinda Bobis, joanne burns, Judith Nangala Crispin, David Eggleton, Felicity Plunkett, Essa May Ranapiri, Gig Ryan, Chris Tse, Samuel Wagan Watson, Jessica L. Wilkinson et al. You can order your copy of The Language in My Tongue, described by Marjorie Perloff as ‘remarkable for its exuberance, its vitality, and the notably youthful vibrancy of its free verse as well as its innovative prose poetry,’ here.  

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