New poem in Cordite

Thanks to guest editors Jo Langdon and Cam Lowe for including my poem ‘Moon’s Étude’ in Cordite’s OPEN issue alongside beauties by Felicity Plunkett, Dave Drayton, Jill Jones, Bella Li, Autumn Royal, Kirli Saunders, Michelle Cahill, Josie/Jocelyn Deane, Lisa Collyer, Luoyang Chen, Dani Netherclift, Debbie Lim, Dan Hogan, Maddie Godfrey, Liam Ferney, Ali Jane Smith, Kerry Greer, Natalie D-Napoleon, Sam Morley, Laura Jean McKay, Damen O’Brien, Izzy Roberts-Orr, Lisa Gorton and many, many more.

You can read ‘Moon’s Étude’ here and the full issue here.

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