Admissions anthology

Belated happy publication day to Admissions: Voices within Mental Health, released yesterday!

This anthology, edited by David Stavanger, Radhiah Chowdhury and Mohammad Awad, includes poems, essays, lyrics, fiction and illustrations by Claire Albrecht, Eunice Andrada, Pascalle Burton, Josie/Jocelyn Deane, Shastra Deo, Quinn Eades, Chris Fleming, Alan Fyfe, Andrew Galan, Anna Jacobson, Kate Lilley, Chris Lynch, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Sara M. Saleh, Ellen van Neerven and many more. I’m grateful my poem ‘Sestina: Rape’ is a part of it.

The book will be launched in Melbourne on October 7, in Sydney on October 13 and in Brisbane on October 20.

Admissions is out with Upswell Publishing and can be ordered here.

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