Poems in Cordite & foam:e

Thanks to Nadia Rhook and Caitlin Maling for including my poem ‘Cranes’ — a terse-set, a form I invented; ‘terse-set’ is my pun on ‘tercet’ — in Cordite NO THEME 12. You can read the full issue, with poems by Manisha Anjali, Bron Bateman, Michelle Cahill, Luoyang Chen, Eileen Chong, Lisa Collyer, Liam Ferney, Jill Jones, Jo Langdon, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, KA Rees, Alicia Sometimes, Andrew Sutherland, Anders Villani, Becca Wang and many more, here.

And thanks to Angela Gardner and Carmen Keates for including three poems first published in Like to the Lark in foam:e Issue 20 which features beauties by Steph Amir, Steve Brock, Luoyang Chen, Emilie Collyer, Jane Downing, Jill Jones, Ella Kurz, Jo Langdon, Alyson Miller, Sam Morley, Isabella G. Mead, Terry Nguyen, Keith Nunes, Damen O’Brien, Kristian Radford, Caroline Reid, Nathan Shepherdson, Emma Simington, Beth Spencer, Jen Webb, Sean West and Janet Jiahui Wu.

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