New poems in Australian Poetry Journal and Authora Australis

Happy to have new poems in Australian Poetry Journal 12.1 ‘divergence, relevance‘, guest-edited by Scott-Patrick Mitchell and Esther Ottaway, and Issue 5 of Authora Australis, a terrific new literary journal edited by Roger Patulny, Carlo Caponecchia and Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad.

‘At Seven Mile Beach‘ appears in APJ, which you can order here, and ‘Two Views of Rockhampton’ and ‘From the City to the Country’ appear in AA, which you can read here.

‘At Seven Mile Beach‘ also appears in Like to the Lark, out February 2, 2023 with Upswell Publishing. You can pre-order LttL here.

And stay tuned for some exciting news …

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