The Upswell Podcast — Like to the Lark

Loved chatting with the brilliant Meesha Williams for the brand-new Upswell Podcast series.

In Part 1 we talk about Like to the Lark‘s origins, forms, experiments, subversions and queerings plus I read some poems — ‘In Heaven I‘ll be quite normal (or, Pentina to Doone Kennedy, after The Smiths)‘ and ‘Duplex‘ (In the beginning I was a house). 

You can catch the episode on Spotify and on Apple

At the end of Like to the Lark is Notes on Form in which I write about music, sound, form and transformation, all of which underpin the collection. Thanks to Felicity Plunkett for suggesting and editing the piece and to Terri-ann White for supporting and reproducing it at Upswell‘s website.

And just a reminder that you can pre-order Like to the Lark at Upswell‘s website where it’s flying solo and part of Upswell’s 2023 Poetry Subscription

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