The Upswell Podcast — Like to the Lark — Part 2

What does an eight word story look like? What would an old church say if it could speak? How do you be a good gay in a small town? 

In Part 2 of Like to the Lark’s podcast episode (tw: sexual violence) Meesha Williams and I also talk about queering and querying language, perspectives on the moon, and how being a poet might affect your dating life. And I read another poem — ‘Moon’s Étude’ — from the collection. 

You can catch the episode on Spotify and on Apple

Thanks again to Meesha, Terri-ann White and Upswell Publishing. 

And just a reminder that you can pre-order Like to the Lark at Upswell‘s website where it’s flying solo and part of Upswell’s 2023 Poetry Subscription

You can also pre-order your copy at Angus & RobertsonAvenue BookstoreBooktopiaDymocksFullers BookshopHares & HyenasThe NilePaperback Bookshop and QBD

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